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Sunday, December 16, 2012

Blogger Vs Wordpress

Wordpress VS Blogger
Blogger vs WordPress. Blogger and Wordpress perhaps you've heard. Yes, This software most often used by many people all over the world. In fact I also use both. That's why I try to make a comparison between the blogger with wordpress. Since both of these software are competing to be the best. You have to choose which one suits your needs today.

Here is a comparison of both software.

User Interface

Blogger: User Interface is easier to use because it looks simple and uncomplicated. And the User Interface is more modern and stylish so that we are more comfortable to use blogger.

WordPress: its user interface is more complicated than blogger and also look outdated. However, the User Interface is more detailed than the blogger and have a lot of settings to make your blog better than blogger.

 Easy ToUse

 Blogger: Blogger is easier to use because it has a simple user interface. So we can easily manage the contents of the article. But in bloggers, we were not given advanced functions.

WordPress: Wordpress was also easy to use. Because it also has a simple user interface when creating articles. And WordPress has advanced functions to make you more creative in making articles.


Blogger: Blogger allows you to put ads on your blog. Additionally blogger also allow you to put ads from Google AdSense and ads from other companies. And Google Adsense pays you for every person who clicked on the ad.

WordPress: Wordpress forbid you to put ads on your blog. And you are required to put their ads on your blog. While you do not make any money.

Search Engine Optimization

Blogger: SEO on blogger has been optimized by Google. So you just sit quietly. But if you are not satisfied you can edit your templates to get better SEO.

Wordpress: In WordPress you have to arrange your own blog to get a good SEO. If successful you will get a very good ranking. But if it fails, you will get a bad rating. According to the news, There is a plug-in called ALL-IN ONE SEO PACK to help you set up WordPress.